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[Annoucement] ZukaraMS Forum Guidelines

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O [Annoucement] ZukaraMS Forum Guidelines

Post  Winnie on Sat Mar 06, 2010 3:51 am

The ZakuraMS Forums Guidelines are to be observed by the users of the ZaukaMS Forums.

All forum users have deemed to have read and agreed to these guidelines upon registration for the ZaukaMS Forums. The ZaukaMS Code of Conduct are subjected to change and amended without prior notification.

The ZaukaMS Forums seek to bring about a regulated and flexible environment that encourages and promotes community building within ZaukaMS forum's members.

Forum Rules & Guides!
Please follow the rules to avoid your account being banned or getting your content deleted / edited.

Rules :

1 ) Always show respect towards each other. Flames and personal attacks are not welcomed. This includes but not limited to; racism, xenophobia, etc.
2 ) Do not post entire sentences with UPPERCASE or large fonts. You may think it will help you get your point across, but most of the time you will be ignored instead.
3 ) Do not create posts with just smilies.
4 ) Try to stay on topic. If you wish to talk about something different, make a new thread for it.
5 ) Do not spam. Excessive spamming will be punished.
6 ) Do not use excessive foul language.
7 ) Do not continue a locked thread.
8 ) Advertising outside sources is not permitted. If you wish to advertise your server, post in the correct section. If you wish to talk about a site, speak to a moderator first.
9 ) Do not ask questions which are already answered in other threads. Use the search function as much as possible.
10 ) Do not beg. If you are too lazy to help yourself then others will be too lazy to help you.
11 ) This forum is English; you must either post in English or create an accurate translation. If a staff member suspects the translation is inaccurate your entire post may be deleted.
12 ) Do not bring grudges with people you know elsewhere here.
13 ) Do not try to irritate people.
14 ) Do not post nude or disturbing material.
15 ) Do not make personal attacks against staff members, they are here to help.
16 ) Do not create a new account if your current account is banned. If you do, your new account is likely to be instantly banned with no warning.
17 ) Most importantly, use common sense! If you think something may not be allowed, it probably is not. As such you may be punished for something that is not specifically mentioned in these rules.

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O Re: [Annoucement] ZukaraMS Forum Guidelines

Post  RioluFear on Sat Sep 08, 2012 2:16 am

Dont Beg You ask other beg to join ur server


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